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Training Administration

1 Day


A practical course enabling training administrators to understand the main activities and expectations of the training function.

The program will highlight the importance of communicating effectively, creating a good image of the department and how to sustain professionalism and gain results through routine and planning.

Programme Objectives

To improve the efficiency and communication of the training department.

Programme Content

The role of training and development

  • The policies, plans and personnel
  • Training Staff
  • The role of the administrator and others within the department

Communication skills

  • Identifying and overcoming potential communication problems
  • The use of effective telephone techniques

Getting organised

  • Planning ahead
  • Managing time
  • Routines & systems
  • Organising the office
  • Storing materials

Training records

  • Establishing needs
  • The Data Protection Act

A systematic approach

  • Identifying the training need
  • The role of training objectives and course evaluation
  • Liaising with line managers
  • Sources of Information

Forms and handouts

  • Designing professional course material
  • The features and content of course evaluation forms

Using consultants

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using external contractors/consultants
  • How to avoid misunderstandings

External venues

  • Essential administration pre, during and post course including booking venues