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Train the Trainer

1 Day


Participants will review the importance of using appropriate language and behaviour to facilitate understanding and learning within the group and develop the ability to gain group participation and involvement.

Part of the course is spent using visual aids to support of the learning process, observing and giving feedback.  Delegates will be required to prepare and deliver a short training session and design a Personal Development Plan.

Programme Objectives

Participants will be skilled to train colleagues proficiently and effectively to meet training requirements. Participants will learn how to set objectives and will discover the basic principals of designing of training programme.

Programme Content

Why Train?

  • What is training?
  • The distinctions between training & learning
  • The skills trainers need

Planning and Preparing for a Training Session  

  • Sources of material
  • Creating the right balance between listening and action
  • Trainer Notes
  • Handout

Designing a Training Session

  • How people learn
  • Setting learning objectives and Deciding on the structure
  • Training evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Assessments
  • Coaching

Running a Training Session  

  • Creating Rapport
  • Gaining participation and support
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Observing and giving feedback
  • Practical role-playing

The Skills of Training

  • Communications
  • Questioning and Listening