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The Leadership Programme

5 Modules, 10 Days split over 10 Months


Adapt’s Leadership Programme isn’t just about theoretical knowledge.  In fact, our experience tells us that most Leaders have read countless books on leadership, attended many training programmes throughout their career, and probably have also received executive coaching.  However, the goal of this programme is to change behaviour – yours.

It’s about the practical skills of knowing what to say or do and in some circumstances, being willing to experience the discomfort, risk and uncertainty of saying or doing it – the challenge of emotional courage to stand apart from others.

Programme Objectives

This programme is intended to give you the time, space and skills to continue to grow your business, and widen your opportunities.

Programme Content

Module 1 – Leadership Dimensions (2 days)

Module 2 – Developing Strategy (2 days)

Module 3 – Leading Change that Sticks (2 days)

Module 4 – Creating the Future (2 days)

Module 5 – Business Growth (2 days)

For further information and a full programme overview, please contact Sharon Rich, Director on (01473) 414 414, or email her at