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SharePoint Site Owner

One Day


This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use and manage information with Microsoft SharePoint 2016/SharePoint Online.

Course Audience 
This course is intended for people responsible for managing and using sites in SharePoint.

Participants should have basic IT skills and be confident users of SharePoint.  The course includes revision of basic principles to ensure firm foundation of knowledge upon which to build sites, but delegates are expected to be familiar with most topics in module 1.  For new SharePoint users this course should be run as a two day course.

Programme Objectives

  • Create a Lists and Libraries
  • Modify Lists and Libraries
  • Create and Modify List and Library Views
  • Create and Modify Web Part Pages
  • Modify Site Settings and Site Permissions

Programme Content

1: Using an Existing SharePoint Site

  • What is SharePoint
  • New features for 2016
  • Check-in and Check-Out explained
  • Navigating a Site
  • Working with Apps
  • Sort & Filter
  • Versions
  • Approval
  • Office 2016 Integration

2: Document Libraries

  • Create a Document Library
  • Modify Settings and Library Policies
  • Create Columns
  • Modify Views
  • Create Views
  • Document Content Types
  • Document Sets

3: Lists

  • Create a List from a Template
  • Create a Custom List
  • Modify Settings and List Policies
  • Create Columns
  • Modify Views
  • Create Views

4: Pages

  • Create and Modify a Web Part Page
  • Create and Modify a Wiki Page
  • Working with Pages in a Publishing Site
  • Site Assets

5: Site Settings

  • Customise Site Navigation
  • Permissions
  • Search

6: Reusable Content

  • Site Columns
  • Site Content Types

7: Creating Sites

  • When & Where to create a Site
  • Creating a Site
  • Site Templates
  • Site Themes
  • Deleting Sites
  • Apps & the App Marketplace