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Microsoft Project - Introduction

1 Day


To enable participants to plan and control a project successfully with the use of Microsoft Project software.

It is essential that participants are familiar with at least one other Microsoft product

Time efficient creation, manipulation and reporting of data using MS Project

Programme Objectives

Participants will be able to create a project plan and monitor progress during the projects life cycle.  They will also be able to communicate to others using professional reports and documentation.

Programme Content

  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • An Overview of the Planning Process
  • Linking Tasks
  • Task Relationships
  • Milestones
  • The Critical Path
  • Network Diagram View
  • Constraints
  • Creating and using Calendars
  • Using the Outline Feature
  • Entering and Assigning Resources
  • Working with Project Costs
  • Resolving Time Restrictions and Resource Conflicts
  • Resource-Driven and Fixed-Duration Scheduling
  • Lead Time, Lag Time and Leveling
  • Generating Project Reports
  • Sorting and Filtering Project Data
  • Creating a Baseline Plan
  • Tracking Project Progress
  • Adjusting Schedules and Creating Interim Plans