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Meetings - How to Participate with Confidence

1 Day


Meetings are one of the most common forms of communication at work.  They are also probably the most expensive.  This course is for anyone new to attending meetings, those wishing to update their skills or who have never had any formal training. 

Programme Objectives

  • Understanding of the meeting format and importance of transparent objectives
  • Contributing effectively with listening and questioning skills
  • Importance of recording key facts and decisions

Programme Content

The Objectives of the Meeting

  • The benefits of effective preparation
  • Why hold a meeting?
  • Who is attending and in what capacity?
  • The time scale

The Structure of the Meeting

  • Practices and procedures at formal meetings
  • Meeting terminology
  • The role of the Chairperson
  • Using the agenda and keeping to it
  • Distributing information

 Contributing to the Meeting

  • Effective listening and Questioning skills
  • Focusing on the matter in hand
  • Assertive communication and Stating your case
  • Presenting to a group
  • Problem people
  • Confidentiality
  • Taking notes and recording action points
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