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Leadership and Management Consultancy

Sometimes companies find it beneficial to engage with an experienced consultant, but on a short-term basis with no long-term contractual obligations on either side.  To meet this requirement, we have developed a Strategy Day workshop which is designed to assist business owners and strategic decision makers identify and develop a strategy for growing a business, identify leadership requirements, drive change, manage the organisation change, and identifying other essential collective drivers.

Following the strategy day, the facilitator will compile a report which will include what should be considered next on your road to growth.  

Many organisations find it useful to have this analysis collaboratively worked by those who know the business intimately and others who are familiar with the processes for acquiring, retaining and developing organisations and leadership talent.

We have shown indicative content below for this facilitated session.  However, this may change depending upon several factors, including your own outcome requirements.

Indicative Content for Strategy Consultation

  • Review the company’s goals and objectives
  • Clarify the purpose and role of the management team to achieve those objectives including:
  • Who is on the management team
  • Identification of obstacles to achieve objectives
  • Creation of plans to overcome those obstacles
  • Cascading plans down to rest of company publicly within 24 hours
  • Commitment to the executive team and others on management team
  • Clarify the vision/picture of how the team should be working together
  • Examples that can be turned into narratives
  • How to handle certain issues
  • Create objectives for the management team around their collaboration and accomplishment as a team, to be added to business objectives. 
  • Determine measurements for those objectives
  • What they should be for each individual as well as for the collective group
  • Agree the role of Directors versus the management team
  • Determine leading indicators that Directors can monitor
  • Identify the message for Directors to communicate to management team around their role and objectives. 
  • Determine where and how that message will be communicated
  • How to facilitate this?
  • Clarify ongoing leadership role of Directors to support management team development, in disputes amongst the team, proactively and reactively.
  • Determine questions Directors should be asking of management team
  • Coaching role for Directors
  • Determine other training requirements for leadership team, lower level managers and/or team leaders

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