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Dynamic and Effective Management


This course introduces the key concepts of management to participants who have responsibility for achieving company objectives through the performance of others. The key tools available to managers are their ability to lead, motivate and communicate effectively with others. Established techniques have been developed that will be applied to the situations faced by participants. The management challenges of directing effectively, monitoring, and developing will be illustrated and discussed. Participants will work through the daily activities of delegating, correcting performance and coaching others to be their best.

Introducing participants to a way of thinking and approaching organisational life is an underlying theme of this course. Practical application in the workplace is used for illustration throughout. When taught over a period of time, participants will conduct Work Laboratory assignments during interim weeks.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand their own strengths and weaknesses and those within their team
  • Identify what makes a powerful team
  • Distinguish and apply the appropriate leadership style
  • Differentiate the personality of employees and the most effective way to communicate with them
  • Distinguish between being assertive, submissive and aggressive behaviour
  • Understand the role of motivation and how to motivate their team
  • Participant effectively
  • Correct employee performance in a positive manner
  • Use coaching to develop staff
  • Use a logical system for solving problems
  • Evaluate alternative courses of action using quantitative techniques
  • Create a successful problem-solving team environment
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving performance as a manager 

Programme Content

The Managers Toolbox
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Situational Leadership
  • Different Styles for Different People
  • Assertiveness, Submissiveness and Aggression
  • The Power of Motivation
Management Challenges
  • Effective delegation
  • Correcting Performance
  • Coaching for Development
  • Interviewing
  • Performance Management
  • GAP Analysis
  • Communicating Effectively
Solving Problems and Making Good Decisions
  • Basic Problem Solving
  • Evaluating Alternatives
  • Making A Decision
  • Building A Consensus
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