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Communication Skills

1 Day


All of our results in business are dependent on communication whether that is communicating objectives, understanding client needs, delegating tasks or taking instructions. Successful communication is the foundation of all successful business. 

This course has been designed for those who need to focus on being able to deliver clear messages that are easily understood by the receiver.

Business Benefits

The organisation can benefit from improved working relationships, better time efficiency and objectives being achieved due to clearer communication.

Programme Objectives

  • Improve personal communication effectiveness with people at all levels
  • Be able to choose the approach that enhances, not obstructs communication success
  • Understand the importance of developing rapport for better communication
  • Build confidence in getting your message across when dealing with a range of situations

Programme Content

  • Self-Awareness
    • Identify a range of verbal and non-verbal factors which affect others
    • Assessing personal strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Communicating Style
    • Understanding the communication process
    • preferred style, using style effectively; assessing your style
  • The Communication Chain
    • Upward, downward and lateral communication
    • Failures in the chain
  • Communication Techniques
    • Conveying information effectively - clarity and brevity
    • Building rapport – why is this important?
    • Misunderstandings – how the message gets lost
    • Effective questioning and active listening
    • The importance of body language – the language you can’t fake
  • Positive Messages
    • The importance of positive messages
    • Confidence and positive beliefs
    • Behaviour to aid communication
  • Selecting Appropriate Methods of Communication
    • ​Face-to-Face, telephone, email and letters

Personal Action Planning

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