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Business success is about results

Training and development with impact

Adapt understands that the business world moves rapidly and there is no room for complacency. However strong and well developed an individual’s skills are, they will need new ones in the future.

Focused, results-orientated training is vital to success and our flexible approach will help take your staff and your company forward.

All our training and development is tailored towards your business objectives and to helping your staff apply their new knowledge and skills in the workplace for immediate impact.

What results are you looking for?

What kind of results do you need?  Do you have a sales team that needs to break into a new market? Are your managers correctly performance managing using your company's goals and objectives for setting targets? Is conflict management non existent resulting in a blame culture where no one takes responsbility for their actions?

We can help you solve these problems, by the conscious and guided application of best management practices and techniques. We guarantee that you will achieve your goals, with focussed, flexible solutions that suit your organisation and the challenges you face.

We have helped companies like yours by:

  • Training managers in new roles and creating a dramatic culture shift therefy meeting the tough demands of a new corporate strategy.
  • Developing a sales process and motivating and energising sales teams.
  • Developing the performance management process into a year long management tool that is welcomed, embraced by staff and easier to implement.
  • Changing a group of reluctant IT users into confidence, enthusiastic end-users who now take less time to produce outstanding work.
  • Developing an internal Management Academy to generate consistent training results by establishing quantifiable evaluations.
  • Creating a competency framework to give managers and staff the guidelines for development, growth and performance standards.