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Achieving Assertive Leadership - Assertiveness for Managers

1 Day


No one listens to you just because you are a manager!  It can be so frustrating.  And that frustration can lead to aggressive responses – or just giving up! 

Being self-assured and confident without being aggressive is critical to getting things done in today’s high-performance business environments and this course will provide you with personal insight into the ways in which you respond to different people, situations and events. With a strong focus on communication and behaviour, it gives you tools and techniques to effectively manage your responses and effectively express your views and plans.

This course gives managers an understanding of the differences in assertive, aggressive and passive responses and how to consciously use the right response in the right situations. 

Programme Objectives

  • Learn how to communicate effectively particularly when others become difficult, emotional or angry
  • Understand how to channel assertiveness skills to interact more effectively with people throughout your organisation
  • Improve your ability to assertively express your thoughts, needs and feelings
  • Build your managerial confidence and self-esteem
  • Be able to say ‘No’ the right way
  • Reduce work related stress

Benefits of attending

  • Improve communication by using assertive-responsive skills
  • Acquire a more polished and powerful communication style and let your leadership ability emerge
  • Tap other people’s resources to get the job done
  • Empower yourself and your staff
  • Exercise greater influence on others
  • Be more effective in managing conflict amongst reports
  • Improve collaborative decision making and problem solving

Programme Content

  • Behaviour and Attitude                                                
  • The Behaviour/Attitude Cycle
  • Recognising the effects of behaviour
  • Assertiveness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Being Assertive – Not Aggressive
  • Assertive Management – Delegating and Correcting Performance
  • Communication skills - questioning, listening, tonality, inflection
  • Assertive Body Language
  • Managing Senior Managers Assertively
  • Turning Around Difficult Situations and People
  • Saying ‘No’ the right way