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Project Management for Senior Managers

1 Day


Designed to provide senior managers with an understanding of their role in projects, with a strategic approach to ensure successful delivery.

Designed to enable senior managers, executives and others with project board responsibilities to explore and develop understanding of their roles and responsibilities at the strategic level of successful delivery of projects within the NHS authority or trust.

Programme Objectives

A greater understanding of the project structure and definition of roles to ensure project success with minimal creep and risk.

Programme Content

  • The structure of project management within the organisation
  • Overview of the relationship between programmes and projects and their role as vehicles for the achievement and management of change
  • Programme and Project Management in an era of austerity
  • The role and responsibility of the project board and of individual members of the board
  • The relationships and interface between the board and the SRO, project manager and project team
  • Project Assurance and its various components such as risk control, adherence to the Business
  • Case, meeting/managing user needs, effective communication, stakeholder support and implications of change to the external environment
  • The adherence to a Project Assurance framework
  • The scope of the project with and the difference between Project Scope and Product Scope
  • The management of scope creep
  • End of project review at the board level