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Let’s spread this! - National Peanut Butter Day 2019

Today, 24th January , is National Peanut Butter day in the USA.  'Who cares?' you may say, but here’s 7 things we never knew about this delicious food – smooth or crunchy!

Cleaning leather
Use a small amount on a soft cloth to clean up leather furniture, shoes, handbags and anything else made of leather.  Rub gently over the leather surface in a circular motion to clean and shine!

Getting rid of horrible smells
Your house can smell for days after you’ve been cooking fish.  Rather than blasting with air fresheners try using peanut butter.  Put a tablespoon of the smooth variety in a frying pan and fry it for a minute or two.

Use as a lubricant
For things around the house such as lawn mower blades, saws and squeaky hinges or drawers.

Price label remover
Those really sticky ones that leave a residue!  Use a little peanut butter and everything comes away without leaving any marks

Shaving Cream
Run out of shaving cream? No worries. Smear a thin layer, I’d probably use the smooth variety for this, and shave as you would normally. Apparently, it acts as a moisturiser too! Who knew?!

Cleaning your windscreen
Dead insects on your windscreen can be difficult to budge.  Try rubbing some peanut butter into the stubborn marks and let it sit for 10 minutes or so  before washing off.

And, our personal favourite is...

Removing chewing gum
From your hair, the carpet, clothes! Rub a little peanut butter over the gum and let it sit there for a few minutes before wiping it all away with a cloth.

Has anyone suggest any other uses for this delicious and versatile ingredient?