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Why is ITIL® Important?

ITIL® is important because it’s beneficial to the companies and organisations that follow the approaches and use the techniques that it recommends.  The primary benefits are that it:-

  • Gives you a competitive advantage
  • Increases the overall quality of your IT to both internal and external customers
  • Once implemented, gives you  an overall increase in the return on the investment you’ve made in your information technology

What are the benefits of adopting ITIL?

If you are the head of IT, ITIL can help you:-

  • reduce costs
  • increase quality
  • decrease risk around your departments service delivery

If you are a business leader, ITIL can help you:-

  • improve your strategic decisions regarding what services to deliver to your customers
  • decide what services to discontinue
  • decide what service to make further investments in

You can gain visibility to the total cost of ownership and utilisation by assessing the full life cycle of the assets and services not just the upfront costs

As an IT worker it can help you become more productive and efficient in your day to day work by knowing what services are the most critical and important to the users

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