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We are Adapt, organisation development and performance specialists.

You can engage us for a one-off standard course, for medium term skills gaps improvements, to develop and deliver a longer-term programme that aligns skills and competencies to your leaders, managers and staff or a combination of all these.

All of our training is with the sole aim of aligning your key business strategies and initiatives to your organisation’s goals with first class training and development options.

To give you an idea of what we could achieve for you and your organisation, these are some examples of challenges for other companies that we helped to solve.

A Clothing Manufacturer

An international sports clothing manufacturer was experiencing a higher number of complaints than normal.  The complaints weren’t related to their actual products, but the way in which the customer service staff were handling the customers.  Calls weren’t being returned at agreed times, if at all, and the customer wasn’t being kept up-to-date with order information.

Adapt developed and delivered a Customer Service Programme which not only incorporated the key principles of good customer service but which also embedded the company’s values whilst keeping in mind their customer service targets.

A Technical Company

An ICT technical specialist, working predominantly in the hospitality market had grown from 10 staff to 55 in a very short space of time and staffing numbers were continuing to rise due to a successful sales process.  All of the managers were great technicians but had received little or no formal management training.  This was resulting in stressful situations as a lack of recruitment interviewing skills wasn’t properly yielding and vetting candidates, conflicts weren’t dealt with to preserve relationships, abdication of tasks was common as delegation skills were misunderstood, and there was little collaboration to problem solve as staff were reluctant to take risks for fear of getting it wrong and being blamed for poor judgement.

Adapt developed and delivered a 10-month modular management programme which addressed the skills gaps and embedded new skills of managing people in order to overall increase performance and to lay a foundation for ongoing and future growth.

A Professional Service Company

A large and well-established accountancy practice had incorporated new services and although most client-facing staff found building relationships relatively easy, they lacked skills and confidence to introduce other services that their firm offered.  ‘Selling’ was seen as an unnecessary skill, but as targets were increasing overall, being able to sell not only their complementary services but their firm as a whole, was seen as necessary for future success.

Adapt developed and delivered a consultative sales programme which built on their natural rapport building skills but emphasised listening and questioning techniques to align other services of their firm with existing clients.