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Get the most from your managers.

Team leaders, Supervisors and first line managers are the lifeblood of any successful organisation, directly responsible for staff on the frontline.  By efficiently managing those who deal with customers, produce goods and services and process the money that keep a business going, they hold the key to organisational performance.

Do their job well, and managers at this level can bolster morale, increase efficiency and make a significant impact on the bottom line.  But where managers lack the core skills and knowledge to really make a difference, they can all too often have the opposite effect.

Why ILM?

ILM’s leadership and management programmes are chosen by more employers than those accredited by any other awarding body.  That’s because they focus squarely on what people actually do in their jobs and provide the skills and knowledge needed to perform to the highest standards.

Why Adapt?

Adapt Limited have a 100% pass rate track record of candidates passing their ILM qualifications at the first attempt.  We also build programmes that make a real difference to the participants’ organisation.  Sometimes saving £000’s on solving problems and implementing successful solutions devised and planned for during our training delivery sessions.

Why not talk to us about how your organisation can benefit from the European market leader in leadership and management qualifications.

Tangible benefits derived from attending an ILM Leadership & Management Qualification

  • Minimal time away from main job
  • Curriculum designed to solve real-time problems
  • Improved staff competence
  • Team empowerment
  • Portable skills
  • Real-time solutions implemented with no further cost implications

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