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Effective Delegation

1 Day


Delegating is a challenge for managers, supervisors and team leaders.  It fits in the context of other larger management choices for completing work through staff.  Understanding how to delegate effective begins with an understanding of the styles of leadership and management choices.   

This course helps participants decide which style of management to use, and how to handle delegation most effectively when that is the choice.  Tools to ensure delegation is successful are explored and applied to real world situations, including GAP Analysis, S.M.A.R.T. and questioning and listening skills.  Correcting performance after delegation is often required.  The steps necessary to ensure success for the company, manager and employee are introduced, with a focus on improving results, rather than discipline. 

This highly interactive course involves discussion, exercises and activities and draws heavily upon the work experience and situation of the participants.  Delegates are asked to collect five examples of real life delegation challenges and bring them to the course.

Programme Objectives

Participants will understand the importance of leadership and how to delegate in different situations.

Programme Content

  • What is Management
    • What is leadership?
    • Responsibilities
  • Situational Leadership
    • Different styles and when to use them
  • Delegation
    • When to delegate
    • Steps to effectively delegate
  • Correcting Performance
    • When it is necessary
    • Preparing
    • The Interview
    • Follow-Up
  • Getting The Best Performance Day-to-Day
    • S.M.A.R.T.
    • Gap Analysis
  • Key Management Tools
    • Questioning
    • Listening
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