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Creating Internal Sales People that Proactively Sell

1 day


Internal selling that consists of answering the phones and taking orders requires different skills than proactively selling.  And yet, the internal sales person is often in the best position to develop relationships with clients. 

This dynamic and interactive course introduces the process for proactively selling and provides specific tools and techniques to be used immediately when returning to the office.  

This course simplifies the process of selling on inbound calls making it easier for the salesperson to succeed.  

Programme Objectives

Participants will learn how to make the transition from responding to customer motivated requests to discussing needs and opportunities for additional products.  How the client decides to buy, questions that can identify needs, and listening techniques to keep the customer talking will be explored. 

Suggesting new products and how they could help clients with their needs is the payoff to earlier skills.  Matching products to needs will be applied to specific client and product scenarios from your sales situations.  

Programme Content

  • Understanding why people buy
  • The steps to a sale
  • Questioning To Identify Need
  • Listening skills
  • Effective opening statements
  • Relationships That Support Sales
  • Handling objections
  • Matching your product to needs
  • Closing techniques


Action Planning

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