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Commercial Success for NHS Organisations

1 Day


Recent changes in government policy for the NHS have created a need for once publicly funded organisations to become more commercially driven and successful.  NHS organisations are now responding to patients and commissioning care groups as clients and customers in a competitive environment. 

One of the biggest challenges is engaging staff who may have joined the NHS from a sense of avocation or service, to embrace the differences being commercially driven will create.  Fortunately, when properly understood, the commercial drivers can give everyone in the organisation an opportunity to address the needs of patients and service users like never before. This course is built to help employees of both services understand the differences that being commercially aware will make in their ability to do their jobs and help learn the criteria for success in a commercially driven organisation. 

Programme Objectives

  • Participants will get an overview of the commercial model and how it is driven by client and customer needs and how to tailor it to their service and department.
  • Managers will understand how to create SMART objectives for their department, and how to guide their own team to cascade down those objectives
  • Managers will understand the message they want to communicate about your organisations’ new challenges and be able to identify how situations would be done differently
  • Manager’s will create a plan that addresses the more focused quality control, measurement of KPS’s and monitoring of progress to ensure commercial objectives are reached at the end of the year

Programme Content

Understanding  the Differences of Commercial Organisations

  • How are commercially driven organisations different? Defining the role of revenue and profit in the service sector 
  • Understanding the commercial process of beginning with target markets, understanding needs, identifying and delivering service successfully 
  • The contribution of revenue as a driver to achieving the results you want for your patients, clients or community

Creating Commercial Success in Your Service

  • Understanding how commercial processes relate to your vocation of service. 
  • What does commercial success mean for your organisation and department?
  • The differences between your role and responsibilities now, and in the past.

Execution for Commercial Success

  • Strategic Objectives as management mandate
  • The Four Disciplines of Execution that ensure your organisation has urgency, prioritises correctly and copes with the whirlwind of on-going work demands, and still achieve key results for change.
  • Defining SMART objectives for your department and staff
  • How to communicate the Purpose, Picture, Plan and Part messages to your staff around