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Business Development for Professional Service Firms

2½ days


Making the transition from solicitor, accountant, fee earner or engineer, to business developer or salesperson and back again, can be seen as a challenging one.  

However, good services do not sell themselves and a firm providing unparalleled and excellent service can pass by unnoticed unless the experts in the service delivery (you) are able to  overcome your sense of modesty and accept that your clients are not only buying your expertise and technical skills, but also your characteristics, interpersonal skills and judgement.

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Programme Objectives

Using the 5 critical selling skills we help you pinpoint where development is needed, and focus on your future business developers having these skills. Also, we utilise our successful reinforcement techniques to help you retain and deploy these new skills and knowledge ensuring that new skills are embedded for longer-lasting effectiveness.

Programme Content

Buyer/seller relationships

  • How buyers make decisions to buy

Planning your call

  • Set the right objectives


  • Asking the right questions

Presenting you and your service as solutions

  • Present powerful benefits

Gaining commitment

  • How to move the process forward

Reflection, Revising and Reinforcement

Action Planning

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